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  Faith Temple Church of God in Christ -Abq. NM  
   Our Church

Mission Statement 
· To win lost souls to the Kingdom of Christ
Bring about unity through fellowship, fasting, praying, showing love and concern and continually learning more about Christ’s answer to mankind.
· To educate our body of believers in what we believe, to receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, and prepare for the coming of Christ.
· To teach new converts how to establish their Christian life, improve their personal lives, strengthen the bonds of family/church life, and aid in their deliverance from their personal struggles.
· To have a fully funded Community Development Center  to feed the Homeless, assist with hunger in families, tutor our youth and young adults, Christian Daycare services and a nursing home/apartment facility for aged Christians and create jobs.
· Establish and fund our CDC by obtaining grants and donations.
· Provide senior support from food pantry.
· More Evangelism/Missions to community and Nursing Home Ministry.
· Provide support to Arubah Ministries—Substance Abuse/Prison/Jail Ministries
· Add a second story to our existing building for more classrooms and offices. Add elevator shaft at the inset.
· Grow our Children ands Youth Ministries into a separate church.
· Have multiple computers donations to operate a full computer tutoring program for Windows applications: word, excel, PowerPoint and English and Mathematics/Algebra.
· Purchase land for a new church facility complex with separate facilities for the CDC, our Youth, Arubah Ministries, Transitional Living/Training Facility for Young Adults (18-22) Nursing Apartment Facility and land future endeavors.
· Purchase a Church Bus or another larger van.



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