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Mission Statement

Welcome, and thank you for visiting Faith Temple's Missions website. Your visit tells me you have a desire to work with missions and evangelism...well, let us wet your appetite a little more, check out our mission statement.

      Our mission is to demonstrate the love of Christ through the ministry of adopting apartment complexes, handing out clothing, feeding the homeless, delivering food boxes, and taking the prayer requests of those we come in contact with. Thereby opening the  door to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we will focus our efforts on Albuquerue's forgotten communities, communities suffering from high poverty, crime, and drug rates. We will accomplish this mission by the leading of the Holy Spirit, prayer, generous donations, and your help.

Well, that's us in a nutshell...when your done salivating checkout upcoming events calendar you have an open invitation to join us. If you just can't wait until then feel free to visit Faith Temple on our days of worship we would love too see you, until then...God bless!

Darryl K. Clark                                                                              
Mission/Evangelism President
Faith Temple C.O.G.I.C.