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Sound Doctrine 

There has been some confusion concerning Romans 11:29


"For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance."

In my experience the many times I have heard this scripture quoted it has been taken out of context. Often twisted to mean, that a person that is unsaved can posses the same spiritual gifts, the Holy Spirit gives Christians. There are two common steps most Christians make when quoting this passage that causes the misinterpretation. I will list them and discuss the mistakes in the weeks to come.

The first mistake, failure to read the 28 verses before verse 29

The second, failure to make the distinction between the terms repentance and repentance (no this is not a typo),


Visit the mission page for the explanation of Romans 11:29 or if you think you have it already shoot me an e-mail. dclark@faithtemplecogic.org or gifaithful@yahoo.com